About Furmen Radio

Furmen Radio has been up and down multiple times over the years as a purely hobby station for me and my friends to be able to share our music together just like as if we were sitting around the campfire each taking turns to play our favorite tracks. I do not now nor have I ever charged for the service or taken ad funds. We do not take in money, nor do any of us get paid. This is strictly a fun hobby endeavor.

I would hope that artists would look upon this as free advertising and promotion for their work. I have had 1 artist, in all the years I've been doing this, that has asked me to not play their material and I have gladely obliged. On the other hand I've had even more artists send me free copies of their work to put on the station to help promote them.

If you are an artist, or represent an artist, that would like to have us promote your material you can send a CD to:

Dallas Vinson
103 Tres Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35811

If you would like for us to remove your material from our library just send me an email and I'll happily do so: dallas.vinson@gmail.com